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Our business is your business

The secret to Success, is knowing where to start.

Netra My Business Health Check

What are your numbers telling you?

Our business analysts and accountants will prepare a report specifically tailored to your business. This report will show areas of strength and weakness throughout your business, areas where efficiencies can be created, and provide detailed advice on how to reach your goals. 


Our business analysts will then meet with you and walk you through the report, making sure you are comfortable with the results and understand the recommendations and advice contained within. Most importantly we take the time to explain the effect each area can have on your business.

First, we take your key financial data, and using our industry leading software package, provide you with a financial overview of your business. 


  • Understand why your Working Capital Timeline is a critical aspect of understanding your entire business

  • Understand why your profit differs from your cashflow, and how to improve both

  • Develop a realistic view of how much your business is worth, and how to improve its’ value

  • See the power of 1: How small, 1% improvements can dramatically impact profit, sales and cashflow. 


Next, we develop an understanding of your business and how it operates, by defining what technologies are currently in use, and whether there are efficiencies to be gained by implementing new technologies. We have passionate tech enthusiasts who have the experience and industry know-how to guide you towards technologies that could actually improve your business bottom line, rather than complicating your current systems. 


We also ask the big questions: How do you define success? Where do you want the business to be in 1 year, 3 years or 5 years, and what plans you have in place for your business as a whole. From your answers, we can develop a comprehensive plan to move your business towards your goals.


We’ve helped business implement technologies including:

  • Websites

  • Online Stores

  • Social Media marketing and sales management

  • Upgraded booking systems

  • Automated debt recovery systems

  • Automated accounting platforms 



Face to Face meeting

Key Financial Data

"The MyBusiness Health Check gave us direction, specific goals, and most importantly a plan on how to get there."

Nick Robinson - Founder, Clearshot Media 

"The opportunity to have a fresh look at our business and have it analysed by professionals is priceless."

Matt Winkley - Owner, WINKfit Personal Fitness 

Further Advice

We offer individually tailored packages to suit your business needs, and the level of involvement you require.  We can manage your entire project, deal with external stakeholders or provide advice on the decisions you choose to make.  


However, should you choose to implement the strategies outlined in your MyBusiness Health Check on your own, you can! There are no contracts, hidden advisory fees or obligations attached to the report.

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