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You are what you do,
      not what you say you'll do.

Our Services


Tax Planning and Advice

Taxation can be a complex, daunting maze that requires forward thinking to navigate. At Netra, our professional team will provide you with the information, guidance and advice necessary to move you and your business into the best possible tax position. By reviewing your financial performance throughout the year and planning ahead, we can minimise your tax liabilities and proactively plan your wealth creation strategies. 


Our Tax Planning strategies bring the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now.


Netra Professional Taxation Services

  • Personal tax

  • Corporate tax

  • Tax advisory and structuring 

  • Tax minimisation strategies

Accounting and GST

If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business; and being in the drivers seat requires vision. Our team of Accounting Professionals will calculate your GST liabilities, develop profit and cash flow projections and provide flexible, tailored accounting solutions for your business, giving you the tools and vision to monitor and drive your business towards your goals. 


Netra Professional can help you gain insights and take control of your business and financial interests.


Netra Professional Accounting & GST Services

  • Preparation and analysis of management accounts

  • GST calculations and Business Activity Statements

  • Cash flow statement preparation and analysis

  • Budgeting analysis

  • Corporate Secretarial Services

Business Advisory and Planning

Successful businesses face similar problems other businesses face - but rather than being paralysed by their problem, they commit to finding solutions. Finding the solution that fits requires expertise and planning, together with constant assessment and monitoring of your businesses key performance indicators. 


Whether you are an established business or are a start-up entrepreneur, the Netra Professional team can develop strategic plans and provide specific advice to successfully drive your business forward towards your goals. 


Netra Professional Business Advice & Planning Services

  • Business selection, appraisal and valuations

  • Business structure and incorporation advice

  • Finance applications and capital raising

  • ATO conflict resolution

  • Corporate secretarial services and compliance

  • Succession and Estate planning


As you near retirement, the inevitable question of financial security emerges. The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off, and the immediate needs of today don’t necessarily translate to the longer term. 


At Netra we can assist you by providing specialist advice to guide your journey through to retirement and beyond, and make sure your nest egg is taken care of. 


Netra Professional Superannuation Services

  • Administration and Auditing

  • Tax implication and strategic advice

Our Professional Networks

There are as many opinions in the world as there are experts, so how do you separate those that are genuine, knowledgable and can add value to your business from those that are just making noise? By developing trust through experience.


Netra Professional has a network of trusted professionals with proven track records which we are proud to recommend to our clients. We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our clients, and as a result, only recommend firms we trust. 


Our Professional Networks

  • Estate planning

  • Legal services

  • Financial Planning

  • Property Lending

  • Equipment & Vehicle Finance

  • Banking

  • Business Development

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Business Advice
Professional Networks

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